GAViewer Sample Applications

What is GaViewer?

GaViewer is a Java applet displaying vector graphics on web pages. GaViewer implements several vieweing functions, e.g: zoom, pan, rotate, layers control. GaViewer uses an own data format named GAV (or GAVZ what stands for gzip compressed GAV).

What is GAV Producer?

GAV Producer is an application capable of generating GAV files, usually from files in an another format. At present there are implemented two types GAV Producers:

Due to changes in terms of license agreement of Open Design Aliance (ODA) this service ceased to use the ODA libraries allowing vectorization of DXF and DWG files. Visualization of files of those types is no longer available.

Sample aplications

Sorry, not available This internet service allows viewing AutoCAD drawings on web pages. Client uploads a drawing to the server. The server runs a GAV Producer script that converts DXF/DWG file to GAV format. GaViewer Applet called from a HTML page reads this file from the server and diaplays it.

Limited to view a few HPGL files.

This service allows browsing a folder tree containing AutoCAD DXF/DWG drawings. After selecting a drawing, it is displayed in the browser window. Original drawings, although residing on the server, are not accessible. Client may only view their GAV visual equivalent.
HPGL web viewer
Updated version. Uses GAViewer 1.0 Applet
This service allows viewing HPGL plots. Client uploads a drawing to the server. The server runs a GAV Producer script that converts HPGL file to GAV format.

The presented list of sample applictaions contains only internet services. Note however, that GAV files can be generated by an external GAV producer and published in the web or on CD.


New applet version 1.0 implements redlining. Redlining was partially incorporated into the current version od DXF/DWG/HPGL web viewer.

Service provided by Piotr Szwed

Modified on 2003 Jan 29. Updated on 2008 March 11